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About The Process of Cold Forming

A set of cold formed pins

Cold forming is high speed manufacturing process, where coil steel is precisely cut to specific lengths and blowed/formed in single station or progressively in multiple stations as required by applied pressure of punches & dies. The work piece is forced beyond its yield strength & retains its altered shape upon removal from die. The metal is not forced beyond its tensile strength, otherwise it will fracture and ultimately fail. We use this process exclusively to successfully manufacture parts by identifying, understanding and interpreting the constraints that will be placed upon your parts.

Why Choose Cold Forming?

  1. Net or near net shape
    • Reduce secondary operation
    • Material saving
    • Tight tolerances
  2. Improved physical properties
    • Strength (to weight ratio) increases due to continuous, undisputed grain flow
  3. Productivity
    • High productivity rate
  4. Consistency
    • Maintain dimensional accuracy from part to part
  5. Surface finish
    • Fine surface finish without scale
  6. Economical
    • Material saving
    • Reduced material wastage (scrapless or little scrap)
  7. Wide range of material options
    • Low & medium carbon steel
    • Alloy steels
    • Stainless steels
    • Non ferrous math like copper, brass, AL etc.
  8. Environmentally friendly
    • No heat applied prior to forming

Instead of hot forging, casting powdered metal, machining, and stamping, the benefits above make cold forming the most cost effective manufacturing process available for long production runs.

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