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Our Facilities

Our state of the art facility and equipment plays an important role the manufacturing process. We have the bandwidth to tackle your project and get it done right now site, reducing any downtime. Our multistage formers are listed below and are capable of producing the majority of highly complex parts, ranging in cutoff dia. of 0.200” to 1.125” with lengths of 0.200” to 8.000”.

We own and operate a fully equipped tooling facility, a secondary operation facilities and 4 davenport screen machines for machined parts.

List of Equipment

Machine Name No. of ST. Max Cutoff Dia. Max Cutoff length
Sakamura 5 1.125” 8.000”
Malmadie 5 0.675” 6.000”
Jern Jao 5 0.625” 7.000”
Abe Teko 4 0.311”/0.375” 3.000”
National 4 0.500” 4.000”
National 5 0.311” 4.000”
Davenport 5 0.875” 4.000”
Davenport 5 0.875” 4.000”
Davenport 5 0.875” 4.000”
Davenport 5 0.875” 4.000”
Acme 6 1.000” 5.000”
Towa 1 0.875” 4.000”

Our size capabilities range from diameters of 0.125” to 1.25" and lengths from 0.250” to 8”. All our required tooling is designed & fabricated in right inside our plant, giving you the option of many secondary operations.


Manufactured products include:

  • Screws/bolts/hinge pins/rivets/dowels for various automotive application
  • Special type flange/collar, inside/outside hex, square profile bolts
  • Winged, geared(straight, tapered), satcheted, splined, single side/double side, holed(round, double d, hex, square) formed parts
  • Size range capabilities from diameters(0.125”) to 1 ¼ and lengths from (0.250” to 8”)

All required tooling is designed & fabricated in our plant. Many secondary operations are available.


We specialize in providing parts to the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Engineering industry
  • Construction industry
  • New development industry
  • Mining industry

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Complex cold formed and machined parts require solutions that are accurate, consistent, timely and low-cost. At Formedge you can depending on us in delivering these solutions, as a leader in quality custom cold formed and machined parts.

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